co|or|di|nate1 also co-ordinate BrE [kəuˈo:dıneıt US kouˈo:r-] v
[Date: 1600-1700; : Late Latin; Origin: , past participle of coordinare, from Latin co- ( CO-) + ordinare 'to arrange']
1.) [T]
to organize an activity so that the people involved in it work well together and achieve a good result
The agencies are working together to co-ordinate policy on food safety.
a co-ordinated approach to economic and social questions
2.) [T]
to make the parts of your body move and work together well
Her movements were beautifully co-ordinated.
I couldn't get my brain to function or coordinate my muscles.
3.) [I and T]
if clothes, decorations etc coordinate, or if you coordinate them, they look good together because they have similar colours and styles
Don't be afraid to mix colours, as long as they co-ordinate.
You might coordinate your curtains and cushions.
coordinate with
The cooker is green, to co-ordinate with the kitchen.
coordinate 2
co|or|din|ate2 also co-ordinate BrE [kəuˈo:dınıt US kouˈo:r-] n
1.) technical one of a set of numbers which give the exact position of a point on a map, computer screen etc
2.) coordinates [plural]
things such as clothes that can be worn or used together because their colours match or their styles are similar
Matching bag and accessories provide a complete ensemble of colour coordinates.
coordinate 3
coordinate3 adj also co-ordinate BrE technical
1.) equal in importance or rank in a sentence
coordinate clauses joined by 'and'
2.) involving the use of coordinates

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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